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Buyer’s Home Inspections

Home Detective Home Inspections Jersey Shore Home Inspection

This inspection is a non-invasive evaluation of a home’s visible and readily accessible components. We encourage the prospective homebuyer to attend the inspection for a closer look at the property, making it easier to understand how the various components function and how defective materials may affect the safety and structural soundness of the home. After the inspection is over, a full report of our findings will be delivered within the following 24 hours. We’re available after the inspection to answer any additional questions the customer may have.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Home Detective Home Inspections Jersey Shore Pre-Listing Seller Inspection

Before you list a home, you should consider contacting us to schedule an investigative evaluation of the property. This promotes a successful sale in two extremely important ways. You’ll be able to learn about any defective areas of the home so that you can make repairs at your own discretion to preserve the property’s value, and you’ll be able to maintain trust with prospective buyers by keeping them informed of any known issues before the buyer’s own inspector arrives to the property.

Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless and invisible gas that sometimes works its way into a living space after naturally forming underground and subsequently rising up to penetrate the foundation or exterior of a home. Radon has been identified as a contributor to serious lung conditions, and unfortunately, the gas is nearly impossible to detect without proper training and equipment. We recommend that all prospective homebuyers consider scheduling a Radon Test, either along with a Buyer’s Inspection or as a standalone service.

Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspection

Home Detective Home Inspections Jersey Shore Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspection

This inspection will assess the air quality in a home while also evaluating the property’s readily accessible areas for any signs of mold contamination or related damage. This service can be scheduled by itself or as an add-on to a Buyer’s Inspection.

WDO/Termite Inspection

Home Detective Home Inspections Jersey Shore WDO/Termite Inspection

No one wants to go through the headache of having to deal with previously undiscovered termite damage after buying a home. This inspection covers most readily accessible areas of a home and will reveal any existing damage caused by termites. We’ll also keep an eye out for any signs of an ongoing infestation.

Pool Inspection

Home Detective Home Inspections Jersey Shore Pool Inspection

A pool can bring a lot of value to a home, but every pool should be inspected regularly, and especially before the property changes hands. You can trust us to inspect the pool’s structure, it’s mechanical components for operation, plus we check attached accessories, like the diving board.

Dock and Bulkhead Inspection

Home Detective Home Inspections Jersey Shore Dock and Bulkhead Inspection

For this inspection, we’ll thoroughly examine the structure of a seawall to look for any defects or damage that could be preventing the wall from functioning as intended. If a boat dock is present on the property, we’ll look over the pilings, decking, and other structural components to make sure that there are no safety issues or components otherwise in need of repair or replacement.

New Construction Inspection

Home Detective Home Inspections Jersey New Construction Inspection

This inspection should be scheduled before the builder’s final walkthrough of a brand new home. We’ll thoroughly examine the structure and installed mechanical systems, looking for any defective materials or safety issues that the builder should have corrected before it’s time to hand your family the keys to the home.

More Than Just an Inspection GUARANTEED

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